Easy Tiger Hostel


What’s available: Dorm beds, 160,000 VND per night in 4 bed dorm rooms with en suite bathrooms. Please note that we do not have private double rooms, but if you come here, we are happy to suggest a number of alternative hotels close by that do! And you can still join us for a beer, to book a tour or get some information.

What’s included: Air conditioning, fans, mosquito nets, hammocks, wifi, hot water, a secure locker for your valuables, clean bed sheets & blankets, clean towels, pool table, swimming pool, guest computer, a lively bar with happy hours, free water, a beer garden with open fire in winter, and plenty of free information from our English speaking staff. Every morning at 09:00 at Easy Tiger we hold a free information talk on the area and The Phong Nha Caves. It is a great way to learn about the area and meet new people.

What to expect: A lively atmosphere, helpful staff, lots of tours for sale, lots of information, close to restaurants and bars, close to Phong Nha Cave and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. We don’t book bus or train tickets, but there are many local agencies that do.

How to pay for your stay: There is now an ATM in Phong Nha, but it can be unreliable! We recommend you draw out money before you get here. We  accept Visa’s and Mastercard’s, there is a 3% surcharge on all transactions. We also accept Vietnamese Dong (VND), American Dollars, and live music performances!

Why come to Phong Nha? To see the caves of course! The outstanding Paradise Cave, the adventurous Tu Lan Cave system, the mystical and historical Phong Nha Cave, the HUGE Hang En cave, the list goes on….

Easy Tiger services on offer: We offer maps of the area and the park, a variety of tour options, we have bicycles available for our guests and we basically want to help you have a great time! Don’t miss the 9am talk to get information about the area and hook up with other travelers to share boats to Phong Nha Cave.

How to book:  Please email easytigerphongnha@gmail.com to book. You can call us on 0523677844 if you need any further information, but please email for bookings.