Victory Road Villas open in Phong Nha

The Victory Road Villas are the latest instalment of the ingenuity of Phong Nha stalwarts Ben Mitchell and Bich Thi Le. With the previous achievements of Phong Nha Farmstay, Easy Tiger Hostel and Capture Vietnam operating successfully, they turned their creativity to a project that will change the sleepy town of Phong Nha for ever.

Victory Road Villas continue to follow the principles that many of the locals and long term residents stand by – keep it local and keep it real. Phong Nha doesn’t need a McDonalds or a 7/11. We have great local food and a few small retailers, These days you can get everything you need in Phong Nha. We also don’t need a large characterless 5 star chain hotels. For the adventurer, family or holiday maker, the Victory Road Villas are a perfect spot to relax or base yourself to explore the wonders of the caves and landscapes of the National Park.

Tourism has taken off in Phong Nha in the last 5 years. From a handful of local hotels there are now over 60 and more are being built. But in many cases quality is lacking. Here is where Victory Road Villas become a shining beacon that all other local operators can aspire to. Not only have Ben and Bich and their team created something spectacular, but they have done it with local expertise, local labour and mostly local materials. Pottery from the north of Vietnam and tiles from the south complement the local stonework and woodwork.

Ben and Bich are the powerhouse behind the phenomenon that is Phong Nha and this new hotel is the crowning glory in their achievements so far.

Book directly through the website Victory Road Villas or find them online